About oliver stephanus

oliver stephanus

actually i´ve never liked taking photographs for i found the idea of capturing moments - especially those that are meaningful to me - in a two-dimensional, somewhat reduced manner quite limited and absurd! i´ve changed my mind, i would like to develop & enhance my visual and emotional perception... the pictures are just one outcome of this process. basically i would love to sharpen my view on things, people, situations surrounding me! any comments and critique is highly appreciated, thx for stopping by :)

after some time hanging ´round here i would like to add: most of the shots i take are not composed, constructed or staged, i just see something and take a picture. actually, quite often when i see them for the first time on the screen i am thinking to myself: why did i take this one - it´s neither interesting nor good? then, having a look again a few days, weeks, even months later i start to see something and the motives become more interesting... not always but quite often.

so, for me as a person that usually likes to keep tight control under any circumstances photography is some sort of miracle: it´s not about control, but surprise! about this very world we´re living in... ;)

Photography Equipment

well, for taking pictures it is quite necessary... obviously ;) yet i tend not to make too much fuss about it! in most of my pictures the exif-information is intact, so you could see for yourself which cam was used.